Installing a Battery Backup Unit

This article will walk you through the process of preparing a new battery backup unit and connecting your devices to it.

Battery Backup Units are meant to provide enough power to your POS equipment to allow you to properly shut then down/power them off before the battery runs out.  Once power is restored, you can then turn on/power up your equipment.

Please note that these steps are for an APC BE600M1 model and some steps may not apply to all makes/models.

    1. Remove the battery backup unit from its packaging.


    2. Flip the unit over.


    3. Press the two release latches and pull the bottom cover towards you to expose the internal battery.



    4. Pull the battery out of the unit and connect the red cable to the red terminal on the battery as shown below.


    5. Place the battery back inside the unit.


    6. Put the bottom cover back onto the unit so that it snaps into place.


    7. Flip the unit back to its normal upright position.


    8. Remove the yellow tape from the top of the unit.
    9. Plug the power cable from the battery backup unit into an AC outlet.
    10. Press and hold the Power button until you hear a beep.


    11. The power button will flash green for a little while and then will turn solid green.


    12. There are two sets of outlets on the battery backup unit.
      • Battery & Surge
      • Surge only


Types of equipment to be plugged into Battery + Surge outlets

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Receipt Printer/Kitchen Printer
  • Pin Pad Terminal
  • Switch
  • Router
  • Handheld Barcode Scanner (Revel POS)

Types of equipment to be plugged into Surge outlets

  • iPads

Types of equipment that are not to be plugged into the Battery Backup Unit at all

  • Laser printer
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