Multi-Store Overview, by Store

Point of Sale Multi-Store can be configured to manage up to twenty stores, each with one to twenty workstations running the software. Program includes features like centralized purchasing and inventory control, inter-store transfers, exchange of information between stores, company-wide reporting, and the ability at any store to view the on-hand quantity of an item at any other store.

One store is designated as the Headquarters store (Store 1). Headquarters maintains central control over inventory, purchases merchandise, runs company-wide reports, and handles data exchange with QuickBooks financial software. Headquarters also has all the capabilities of a remote store, plus can create documents for any store.

Stores 2-20, called remote stores, receive and sell merchandise, capture customer information, transfer items to other stores when necessary, and run local store reports. Each store authorizes and settles its own credit, debit/ATM, and gift card transactions, runs the End of Day procedure, and defines its own employees and security settings.

Headquarters and remote stores communicate through a process called Store Exchange. Store Exchange typically is done at the end of each business day, so that Headquarters, all stores, and your financial software all have current information for the start of the next business day.

Review allowed activity by store type below.

QBPOS Desktop Multi Store Activities Allowed by Store Type

HQ = Headquarters.  See footnotes for numbered marks at end of table.

Footnotes for remote stores:  1. Local settings must match those at HQ.  2. Limited to selection of local default price level.  3. Limited to certain local default sales preferences.  4. Limited to layaway/sales order printed messages.  5.  Limited to selection of default tax location.  6. Remote stores can reverse documents only until they have been sent to Headquarters, after which the document can only be reversed at Headquarters.  7. Remote stores can delete or e-mail special order POs created at the local store only.  8. Cannot remove HQ-only records.

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