How to Change the Store Exchange Method

This example will review how to change the Store Exchange method from Intuit Service to Removable Media and perform a Store Exchange to test proper processes.

Note: There are 5 different Store Exchange Methods you may use.

This process needs performed at EACH of the remote stores on the POS Server:

  1. Insert the flash drive into an available USB Port on the POS Server PC.
  2. On the Home Screen in POS, click the Store Exchange icon on the right most column of icons (labeled operations).
  3. Click the preferences button on the left under configuration.
  4. On the left column click “Store Exchange” under Multi-Store.
    • You will see a row for each remote store.
    • 2-Store 2 with Intuit Service in the box.
  5. Click the box and select “Removable Media”.
  6. Click the configure box.
  7. Under the File Transfer Data Path section you will see a blank line with a folder to the right, click the folder.
  8. Select My Computer.
  9. Click the flash drive.
  10. Click “OK”.
  11. Click “OK” in the Store 2 configuration box.
  12. Select “Save” at the bottom of the company preference box.
  13. Perform a Send while in the Store Exchange Center.
  14. Close the Store Exchange Center.
  15. Close POS and remove the Flash Drive.
  16. Open POS.

Perform steps 1 thru 16 at each Remote Store.

At the HQ POS Server perform the following steps:

  1. Perform steps 1 thru 12 noted above.
  2. While in the Store Exchange Center perform a Receive.
  3. Process-In.
  4. Perform a Send.
  5. Close the Store Exchange Center.
  6. Close POS and remove the Flash Drive.
  7. Open POS.

To finalize the Store Exchange process, take the flash rive to each Remote Store and perform a Store Exchange Receive.

Couple of reminders: 

This must be completed at all stores. 

The Store Exchange method only needs to be changed this one time.

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