Revel POS: 2.72 Release Notes (Summarized)

New Features in 2.72: Management Console

  • New Automated Server Search searches the CRM as a user enters a customer’s phone number, instead of requiring the user to enter the full number and tap the search button. This also helps customers who don’t use customer uniqueness avoid duplicate entries.
  • With 2.72, you can manage Linked Combos in the New UI, exposing new customization options (upcharge and default status by base product).
  • The Revel Management Console login experience has been streamlined and now allows customers to sign in with Google accounts.

New Features in 2.72: Point of Sale

  • Users can now confirm a delivery address from the customer information screen without having to edit the customer record. This makes it faster and easier to choose the right delivery address on the point of sale.
  • With 2.72, printers that receive print requests from multiple POS stations will be directed by a Print Coordinator. The request is sent to the print coordinator, which acts as a traffic controller and tells each POS station when it's time to print a job, ensuring printers are only receiving a single job from a single station rather than being bombarded with multiple jobs from multiple stations.
  • Revel now integrates with QSR Automations.

New Features in 2.72: Loyalty

  • Account lookup is now available on the CDS. Customers can find their accounts by name, phone number, or various other ID numbers. Notifications on the point of sale tell when a loyalty program lookup is initiated on the CDS, when the customer has selected their account, and if payment is initiated before the lookup is complete.
  • Como Loyalty (now Revel Loyalty XT) has been updated with better calculation of tax and loyalty points and improved overall performance. We’ve also improved the way the integration handles item-level and order-level discounts.

New Features in 2.72: Online Ordering XT

  • Group Combos and UX/UI have been improved in Revel Online Ordering.
  • Modifier options (No, Lite, Side, Only) are now available for the Weborders API.

New Features in 2.72: KDS

New Features in 2.72: Payments

  • ApplePay is now a supported payment method in Revel SmartPay for our Revel Advantage powered by TriPOS customers. Please note that ApplePay is only supported in Safari.
  • Revel SmartPay now supports FreedomPay as a gateway and is available in the United States in Canada. We have also added the ability to email receipts to the consumer.
  • A new and improved checkout page has been implemented for Revel's card-not-present products. You can now customize your checkout page for OOXT and Revel SmartPay when using TriPOS or FreedomPay gateways. These changes improve security and increase consumer confidence by branding the entire checkout experience end-to-end.

Drive Though

  • With the 2.72 release, Drive Through has become a frictionless experience on the Point of Sale. You can enable specific prompts to capture vehicle information and the customer's name. You'll also have a dedicated drive through Order Queue that will display all current drive through orders, allow you to capture payments without ever leaving the order queue, and clear fulfilled orders whilst staying in the queue.
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