Configuring iSMP4 to Accept Apple Pay (Revel POS using FreedomPay)

  1. Make sure that the Ingenico iSMP4 pin pad terminal is turned on.
  2. Press and hold both the yellow button and the “#” button to reboot the pin pad terminal
  3. As soon as you get the “Retail Base” screen on the pin pad terminal, press the following buttons in quick succession to enter the menu.
    • “2”
    • “6”
    • “3”
    • “4”
    • Green
    • “#”
    • “F”
  4. You will now see that you are in the menu system of the pin pad terminal.
  5. Press “0” to enter “Tellium Manager”
  6. Press “3” to enter Initialization
  7. Press “1” to enter Parameters
  8. Scroll down to Contactless and click the Green button
  9. Select Yes
  10. Select “Internal” for the Serial Link

The pin pad should now reboot and it will be ready to go

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