Unable to print tags using Lightspeed Retail using Google Chrome and Zebra Browser Print

There are times when Google Chrome installs an update for itself and can cause issues with you being unable to print inventory tags in Lightspeed Retail due to the self signed certificate that Zebra Brower Print uses.

When this happens, you will see the below message when attempting to print inventory tags.


To correct the issue, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click "Check Again".


  1. Click the link named "https://localhost:9101/available".


  1. Click "Yes" in the new window that appeared.


  1. You will now see that a new tab in Google Chrome has been opened.


  1. You can go ahead and close the new tab that was opened.
  2. The Print Label window in Lightspeed Retail will now be refreshed and show you your available Zebra tag printer as shown here.


  1. The connection between Zebra Browser Print and your Zebra tag printer has now been restored and you can now print inventory tags.
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