Revel 2.70 Station Prompts

With 2.70, you can now control tip and receipt prompts by POS station.

For instance, if you have a mixed cafe/retail environment, you might want your cafe POS station to prompt for tips while your retail POS station does not. Or if you have a station that only takes phone orders, you wouldn't want it to try to capture a signature for payment.

Please make sure tips and/or receipt settings enabled first before customizing your prompts. 

Customizing Tips/Prompts Per Station

To customize the tips/prompts of each of your POS stations:

  1. In the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Establishment tab.
  2. Click the Station tab and then select the station that you don't want to have the option (e.g., you don't want the station to prompt for a signature or you don't want the station to prompt for a tip):
  3. Under the Details section, find the Payment/Receipt Prompts. You can enable/disable the following (click the Show More button to see all options):
    • Display Card Swipe Prompt: Applies to CDS only. The CDS will display a "Please Swipe Card" prompt to the user when awaiting a card swipe.
    • Email Receipts: If supported by the business, customers at this station may elect to receive their receipts via email.
    • Print Receipts: Customers at this station may elect to print their receipts.
    • No Receipt: Customers at this station may elect not to receive a receipt.
    • Capture Signature: Customers may sign on the screen for credit payments.
    • Prompt for Tips: The customer will be prompted to add a tip to credit payments:
  4. Click Save when done.
  5. Repeat these steps for each stations you'd like to customize.
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