Revel 2.70 Delphi OCS Integration

In the 2.70 release, Revel has integrated with Delphi OCS in order to offer an industry standard drive through order display system.

This integration is designed for Quick Service establishments with a drive through.

With the Delphi OCS integration, you have the ability to send order details to a customer-facing drive-thru screen.

In the following diagram, Step 1 is where the Order Confirmation Screen (OCS) lies in the drive-thru flow. As the customer communicates their order to the order taker inside the building, the OCS displays back to the customer what order details the order taker is entering into the POS:

As items are added to an order on the POS, those items should also appear on the OCS in the order that they were entered.

The setup is designed to work with one POS and one OCS.

The OCS will display order details as follows:

  • Products - $ / Quantity
  • Modifiers - $ / Quantity
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Subtotal
  • Total

When the order is totaled, the OCS should change and display a grand total sum of the order subtotal and tax.

If the connection between the POS and OCS is lost, an alert message will display on the POS that the connection has been lost.

The setup is very simple. When you purchase a Delphi OCS, a Revel Support agent will configure the OCS in your Management Console and sync it to your POS station. After that, you can personalize the system by adding a splash screen or your logo.

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