QBPOS Desktop v18 & v19 credit card processing through Intuit Merchant Services payment token

Intuit has implemented security changes to their integrated credit card processing (Intuit Merchant Services) in both QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop versions 18 & 19 that now require that each workstation processing credit cards must update the payment account token every six months for credit card processing to continue.

The payment account token lasts for six months before it expires and requires that it be refreshed.  This must be done on each workstation that processes credit cards using Intuit Merchant Services or processing will cease until it has been done.

This is accomplished by signing into your Intuit Merchant Services account for verification on each workstation every six months.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop versions 18 & 19 will now prompt you to log into your Intuit Merchant Services account to refresh your payments token and verify your account credentials every six months.

When you are one month away from your required refresh and verification, the following message will begin to appear as a reminder.

You may click Refresh on this message to sign into your Intuit Merchant Services account.  Once you have completed this task, the message will not appear again until it is time to refresh you payments token again.

Please remember that you must refresh your payments token every six months on each workstation.

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