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This article is meant to expand on the Lightspeed Article, "Doing Inventory Counts".  Please be sure to review  Lightspeed's article and video in the article before moving forward.  Please note Lightspeed's "Full Count" and "Spot Count" terms.

Items to consider BEFORE starting your Inventory Count:

  • Are you going to set items not counted to zero?
    • These could be missed items or items not currently in stock
  • Are you going to break your Inventory Count into multiple Counts?
    • Although you do not assign items to a count, you can filter counted or missed items by Category, Brand, Tag or a combination of all 3.
  • Are you going to have multiple devices to perform your count?
    • Are you going to have different users signed in to these devices?

- By setting Missed (not counted) items to zero, you are ensuring your inventory is more accurate.  Be sure to double check to make sure you do NOT have stock of the Missed item before you set it to zero.

- By grouping your Inventory Count into multiple, smaller Counts, you can count designated items within a count.  Although you are not assigning any items to a Count, you can filter Counted, Totaled, Missed, and items you want to Reconcile.

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