Configure Socket Mobile S730 for use with LightSpeed Web POS in the iOS App

These instructions are to configure the Socket Mobile S730 Scanner for HID (Keyboard) use in the Lightspeed iOS App.  The Lightspeed iOS App will show "No Barcode Scanner".

Please follow these instructions entirely.  You may skip the first step if you have NOT paired the scanner with the iPad.  The S730 scanner HAS to be unpaired before it can be programmed.

If your scanner is not able to decode the barcodes, download the Socket Mobile S730 Programming Guide here.  The barcodes used are on Pages 3, 17, and 19.

  • Unpair the Scanner from the iPad



  • Power ON scanner

  • Factory Reset the Scanner


  • Power ON scanner and wait for beeps

  • Scan "Disable Bookland EAN"


  • Scan "Ignore UPC/EAN with Supplementals"


  • Power OFF scanner

  • Power ON scanner

  • Pair scanner with iPad

  • Open Lightspeed POS iOS App on iPad and sign in if necessary

  • "NO Barcode Scanner" will appear (it's OK)


  • Select "Manager"

  • Select Sales

  • Scan an ISBN barcode.  You will see the 13 digit barcode.


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