How to configure CipherLab 2200 scanner for serial communication with Revel POS

  1. Take the scanner out of the box and disconnect the default RJ45 to USB cable from the rear of the scanner.
  2. Take the RJ45 to serial cable and plug the RJ45 end of the cable into the rear of the scanner until it locks into place via the locking tab.
  3. Take the US AC outlet adapter and insert it into the USB power adapter until it locks in.
  4. Plug the USB end of the power cable into the USB power adapter.
  5. Plug the power cable end of the power cable into the port on the serial cable.
  6. Configure a Revel R212 unit accordingly and connect it to the Revel POS network.
  7. Scan the "Enter Setup" barcode.


  1. Scan the "Activate RS232" barcode.


  1. Scan the "115200 bps" barcode.


  1. Scan the "Update" barcode".


  1. Make sure that the appropriate Barcode Scanner is created in the Revel Management Console for an iPad.
  2. Ring up a new sale in Revel POS and scan a barcode and verify that it is communicating properly.
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