iPadOS 14 and Lightspeed Retail POS

Apple has just released the new version of iPadOS 14 as of September 17, 2020.

This new release has new functionalities pertaining to security and one of those new functionalities affects Lightspeed Retail POS if the option is not enabled the first time using Lightspeed Retail POS after iPadOS 14 has been installed on an iPad.  If this option is not enabled, the iPad will not be able to access any network peripherals (ie: barcode scanner, printer, pin pad terminal).

When you open Lightspeed Retail POS for the first time on an iPad that has been updated to iPadOS 14, you will be presented with a security prompt asking for permission to access the local network as shown below.

Lightspeed Retail POS will be named "Retail POS" in the option prompt.


Tap "OK" to allow the Lightspeed Retail POS application to find and use devices on the Lightspeed network.

Please note that this option must be enabled on all Lightspeed Retail POS applications or they will not be able to function properly with the Lightspeed Retail POS peripherals.

If you accidentally top "Don't Allow" at this security prompt, you will not be prompted again in the application and must make a change in the Settings on the iPad.

  1. Open Settings on the iPad.


  1. In the left hand window,  scroll to the bottom until you see the Lightspeed Retail POS application listed as shown below.


  1. Tap the application named "Retail POS".
  2. In the main window, you will see a listing of things that the "Retail POS" application can access on the iPad and that it is currently disabled from accessing the Local Network.


  1. Tap the button for "Local Network" so that it is now enabled.


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