[Lightspeed Retail] Customer Display v1 EOL

In February 2020 Lightspeed released our newly improved Customer Facing Display v2 with a better setup process and improved stability with the Lightspeed Hub app. Our records indicate that you are still using Customer Facing Display v1.

We are emailing to inform you that on October 31, 2020 we will be ending support for Customer Facing Display v1. If you are required to have a Customer Facing Display in your store or would like to continue using one, we recommend switching over to Customer Facing Display v2 through the Lightspeed Hub.

What can I expect from Lightspeed Hub?

  • Easier setup and improved connectivity for receipt printers and Customer Facing Display.
  • Add custom images to the CFD to emphasize your brand.
  • Desktop CFD is supported on most monitor connection types.
  • Only available on desktop.
    (Note: Lightspeed Hub works with Apple Sidecar.)

Using an iPad?


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