Configuring Lightspeed Retail Customer Facing Display V2

There are three options for using the Customer Facing Display V2 functionality in Lightspeed Retail (web browser) and they are listed below.

  • Lightspeed Hub (currently in private beta)
  • Web browser
  • Phone or tablet
  1. Log into your Lightspeed Retail account by clicking here.
  2. From your Lightspeed Retail left window, click "Sales".


  1. In the main window, click "Customer Facing Display V2".


  1. Click "Go to Devices".


  1. In the main window pane, click "Connect" in the section named "CUSTOMER FACING DISPLAY".


  1. You will now be presented with three options listed below.
  • Connect using Lightspeed Hub (Recommended)
  • Open in browser window
  • Connect using phone or tablet as display


  1. At this point in time, Lightspeed Hub is currently in a private beta so it is best to choose either option 2 or three depending upon your situation.  If you have a second monitor on your workstation, you can choose "Open in browser window" and continue with the next step.  If you have a tablet like an iPad, you can choose "Connect using phone or tablet as display" and continue with step #10.

Open in browser window

  1. Click "Use browser".


  1. A new browser window (whichever browser you have as your default) will open and you can then move it to another monitor on your workstation that will be used for the Customer Facing Display V2.


Connect using phone or tablet as display

  1. Click "Use device".


  1. At this point you have two ways to proceed.  The first is to click "Copy" to copy the link and then paste it into a new browser window.


  1. Or you could take your iPad, open the Camera application and scan the QR Code.


  1. Once the QR Code has been taken using the Camera app on your iPad, you will see a notification named "Open" in Safari.


  1. Tap the window listed above and it will open Safari and go to the Customer Facing Display V2 site as shown below.


  1. At this point you will want to put the iPad into Guided Access mode to prevent anything being done on the iPad.  Click here to learn how to configure and enable Guided Access mode on an iPad.
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