Online Ordering XT

Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is not available until Revel POS 2.59.

Online Ordering XT is a complete update of Revel's online ordering program. It first appeared in our 2.55 release, and we've added still more new features and improvements for the 2.59 release. This update is designed for quick service establishments, so it's perfect for pizza restaurants, coffee shops, taquerias, or even table service restaurants that offer online ordering and delivery. Online Ordering XT puts some extra polish on your web menu and makes it easier than ever for you to manage payment and fulfillment for online orders.

Online Ordering XT includes:

  • A sleek, modern, fully brandable site with your logo, images, and colors
  • Easy-to-find store information, such as hours and location
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • A new location-detecting store picker
  • Completely customizable menus updated in real time
  • Streamlined ordering, made more efficient through online prompts
  • Updated payment options
  • Full integration with POS and KDS, including alerts, badging, order queue, and printers
  • Updated product navigation with product-specific URLs
  • Full financial reporting in the management console, including filters for online ordering
  • Configurable delivery constraints and estimated delivery times
  • Modifier options and logic
  • Order notes and special intructions
  • Configurable tax and service fee options
  • Delivery address validation
  • Future order scheduling


Branding with the Branding Tool

Our new branding tool allows you to customize your site with your own logo, images, and colors. You can find an overview of how the Branding Tool works on the customer display system here. Online Ordering XT allows you to customize your online ordering page using the same tool.

To enable the Branding Tool for Online Ordering XT, contact Revel Support.

The Welcome Screen

The first thing your customers will see is your custom, branded welcome screen with your images, your colors, and your logo.


Choosing a Store

The store picker can detect a customer's location, or the customer can enter an address to find the nearest store. Available stores are determined by distance and dining option


Online Ordering XT makes browsing your menu easy. Like your welcome page, your menu is customizable with logos, colors, and images.


Scheduling Delivery

Scheduling delivery is intuitive, streamlined, and easy.


Choosing Options

Your customers can quickly personalize their orders with any options you choose to offer, and even add special instructions. The final price of an item will update as they make selections.


The main menu page shows the delivery address and stays updated with the number of items in the cart and the subtotal for the order.


The Cart

The expandable cart is available any time, so the customer can review and edit it without leaving the menu.



Online Ordering XT's checkout page automatically fills in the delivery address to speed things up. The checkout page is brandable too, so you can customize it with your own colors and images. A convenient delivery instructions field lets customers enter any necessary delivery information, such as a gate code or special request.


Your customer can choose to pay by credit card or to pay in cash when the order is delivered. Revel supports a variety of

payment gateways and credit card processors.

Customers can choose to leave a credit card tip and the cart will instantly update with the amount of the tip.tipcheckout.JPG


If you're interested in participating in Online Ordering XT, contact your Revel Agent!

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