Delivery Manager XT

In Revel POS 2.59, Delivery Manager XT offers a Captain integration to manage and track your delivery fleet. Delivery Manager XT also offers your customers a way to track their orders as it progresses through the kitchen, to the delivery driver, and to the customer's location.

Delivery Manager XT is currently available to existing Captain customers. It is a per-establishment setting.


Activating Delivery Manager XT in Revel

To activate Delivery Manager XT in Revel:

  1. In the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to Settings.
  2. Click Clear Selections.
  3. Type Captain in the search bar.
  4. In the search results, check the box next to
  5. In the settings area, check the box next to
  6. An Account ID box will appear after activating Captain. Enter your Captain Account ID.
  7. Click Save.

Sending Orders to Captain

After activating Delivery Manager XT, all orders marked as Delivery in the Point of Sale will send to Captain upon tapping Hold or Send, or after completing payment and tapping Done. Sending the order to Captain will also send the customer's information, including their address and phone number.

You can update the status of an order via the KDS by marking an item as In Progress. Doing this will send a notice to Captain and the customer that the order is in progress. Future updates to items in progress on the same order will not send further updates.

Marking an order as Complete on the KDS will mark the order as Prepared in Captain.

From there, you can assign orders to delivery drivers and mark orders as out for delivery within Captain.

If the customer has provided a phone number in Revel, they will then receive an SMS message from Captain with a link to track their order. This requires using Revel's Twilio integration.

Cancelling Orders in Captain

A Revel order will be cancelled in Captain if either of the following happens:

  • All items are removed from the order.
  • An order's type is changed from Delivery to another type (e.g. dine-in, take-out). This does not cancel the Revel order.

Note that if an order's type is changed from Delivery to another type, and then back to Delivery, the order is not re-added to Captain. The order is also not re-added to Captain after adding items to an order where all the items were previously removed.

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