Revel POS: 2.59 Release Notes (Summarized)

This article summarizes the New Features and Enhancements in the April/May 2020 release of version 2.59.

New Features in 2.59:

Management Console

  • You can now use Revel’s stocktake function to create templates for physical inventory counts that you perform regularly.
  • Added the option to calculate percentage-based service fees based on the order subtotal before discounts are applied.
  • Pass Through Service Fees allow you to seamlessly collect money and pass it on to a third party, without it affecting your business, taxes, or profit in any way.
  • Revel has launched a tiered permissions system, letting you grant exactly the access you want to your employees while allowing them to manage other employees of lower status. The overhaul introduces permissions rank, which helps you create a hierarchy of permission sets, permissions, and employees on the Management Console and the Point of Sale. Ranks will empower your employees to manage other employees of lower rank--for example, supervisors creating and managing cashiers. No worries, existing customers--Revel has migrated your permissions and roles without any changes.
  • Credit+ users can now opt to print their Credit+ receipts in a manner following the same settings as Credit receipts, including the tip and signature lines.
  • Tip Sharing is a traditional method for servers to share their tips with other roles, based on a certain percentage of their sales. For instance, the server may pay out 5% of alcohol sales to the bartender and 2% of all sales to the bussers. Now with Version 2.59, Tip Share Reporting allows you to select the tip handling option that best suits your business and employees. You can choose to calculate tip shares against net or gross sales.

Point of Sale

  • In Version 2.59, you can now refund a remaining gift card balance with cash. This feature supports Revel customers in California, allowing them to be in compliance with California laws governing gift cards that require any gift certificate with a cash value less than $10 must be redeemable in cash. With this feature, you can set the threshold for refund eligibility—this means a cash refund can only be given if the balance on the gift card is at or below the threshold you set.
  • With Version 2.59, you now have more control over your invoice costing. There is now a setting that allows for consistency across invoiced/layaway items COGS data in Order History and Product Inventory Log. In cases where an item is placed on layaway (item is first placed in an invoice and then later converted to an order when the payment is made), you can choose to have the COGS calculated at the time of the invoice creation or at the time of the order conversion.
  • Employees with the appropriate permissions can now manage Point of Sale roles without having a Point of Sale role themselves, helping corporate staff manage in-store staff without appearing in schedules or reports.
  • Revel now supports phone number validation on the Point of Sale, CDS XT, and Management Console. If enabled, new and edited phone numbers must contain, at minimum, the number of digits specified.


  • The new KDS Redirect feature allows you to redirect orders to another kitchen display when you close your current display.

Other Enhancements in 2.59

  • Credit+ users can now adjust tip amounts upon delivery driver check-in. 
  • Your orders are now snapshotted as they arrive on the Revel server, including any changes to orders. This ensures data integrity and consistency in reports.
  • Revel has introduced single sign-on via Auth0, allowing you to use your Revel login for other services that support sign-on with Revel.
  • Revel has updated the KDS UI to make it clearer and more user-friendly. New fonts and color scheme make the KDS easier to read. Kitchen tile colors now appear only on the product area instead of shading the entire tile. The colors have been updated to make the display easier on the eyes. The KDS dark theme is now available for both iOS and Android. No, Side, Only, Lite, and Sub have been updated to make them more visible. The combo icon has been updated to make its meaning more intuitive.
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