Revel POS: 2.55 Release Notes (Summarized)

This article summarizes the New Features and Enhancements in the October/November 2019 release of version 2.55.

New Features in 2.55:

Management Console

  • Revel has introduced a stocktake functionality. New features include: New concept of store sections, New UI for creating stocktakes, New UI for stocktakes in progress, New flow for requesting stocktake recounts, New stocktaking math and logic, Replacement of Physical Inventory report. Physical Inventory is still available but will be phased out in future releases.
  • With the EMS Multi-employee Permissions Management feature, users can assign permission sets and Point of Sale roles for multiple users, to multiple establishments, in bulk.
  • Split combos allow you to split products, such as specialty pizzas, into parts (halves, thirds, quarters, etc.), and recombine them as a single product. Note that this is different from split modifiers, as with a split combo you’re splitting the product, not the modifier. Split products are fully supported on the KDS.

Point of Sale

  • We've updated Caller ID integration with a user-friendly new UI and new features including hold, support for multiple point of sale stations, full access to the point of sale while the Caller ID UI is active, call history, and the ability to instantly recognize existing customers and create accounts for new ones.
  • Employees with the proper permissions can now add, edit, and delete time intervals directly on the Point of Sale. This allows employees to edit time worked immediately without needing to visit the Management Console, which they may not have access to.
  • Use the tip outs feature to 'tip out' employees while retaining correct cash numbers. A tip out is a type of Payout (money taken out of the till) which does not affect cash due house/employee numbers. Further, it records the employee name who receives the tip out (rather than recording a reason). Now employers will be able to track money taken from tills to tip out employees while still having correct cash due lines.
  • You can now use tip thresholds to set different tip prompts for small or large order totals. In order to increase tips, you can now prompt fixed dollar amounts on small orders and percentage amounts for larger orders. For instance, a 15% tip on a $5.00 order is only $0.65, but given the opportunity, most people would tip $1.00 if presented with the choice.
  • Inventory transfer between establishments via Point of Sale or Inventory App
  • New variable service fees allow you to create a trackable service fee with no set numbers so that you can determine the amount of the fee at checkout.
  • The permission to reprint receipts on the Point of Sale has been extended to include kitchen reprints.
  • Service fees can now be set to apply to the pre-discount price of an item or order.


  • The Customer Display System (CDS) now allows customers to create new Punchh loyalty accounts, accrue points after completing an order, and view rewards and account balance information. Note that this functionality is not yet available for the CDS XT.

Branding Tool/CDS XT

  • Revel's new branding tool allows you to customize your CDS XT to better suit your marketing image by including your own logo images, color branding, promotional material, and more.

Kiosk XT

  • Revel is proud to present the new Kiosk XT! Kiosk XT is a modern, competitive, and completely brandable self-service kiosk solution. It's designed to suit Quick Service verticals like quick service restaurants, pizza establishments, fast casual concepts, coffee and snack businesses, and some table service restaurants.


  • The KDS now displays whether an order has been fully paid. These paid stamps tell an employee if an order has been fully paid before they begin making a drink or handing over a pre-order to a customer.
  • The KDS print ticket stock template has been updated, and you can now modify which items print on the KDS print ticket. These tickets aid servers running food to tables or expeditors packaging pickup or delivery orders.
  • Tile expedite view on the KDS supports tile coloring, indicating how long an order has sat on the view. This timer is independent of the tile kitchen view timers.
  • The KDS now supports tagged view as an alternate to production view. This makes it easier for a kitchen staffer to see exactly how many of a particular item to make.

Other Enhancements

  • The new password reset function will allow users with a blank password to click the Forgot your password? link on the Management Console login page to reset and create a password. Before, only users with passwords already set were able to use this feature. Please note: Users must have active Administrator Permission sets in order to gain access to the Management Console.
  • The Android KDS now includes a dark theme.
  • All items appear on the KDS expedite views immediately, regardless of prep time.
  • The status column on the KDS line expedite view has been updated to include a fresher UI. Voided orders now display in red.
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