QBPOS Desktop version 18.0 Release 11 - Schedule IPP350V4 pin pad reboot time for Intuit Merchant Services

Due to new compliance standards, the IPP3V4 pin pad terminals for Intuit Merchant Services require a mandatory reboot every 24 hours.

This article will walk you through making changes to the default time of 3:00 AM local time for this scheduled reboot to take place.

  1. Open QBPOS Desktop version 18.0 Release 11.
  2. From the menu bar, click on "File".


  1. In the File menu, click "Preferences".


  1. In the Preferences window, click "Workstation".


  1. In the left hand window pane, click on "PIN Pad Reboot Setting" under the section named "PIN pads".


  1. In the main window, you can change the scheduled time from the default of 3:00 AM local time to whatever you would like.


  1. Save the changes by clicking "Save" in the lower right hand corner of the main window.


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