Revel POS and Payment Device Updates

If you are processing credit cards through revel POS, updating to a newer version of POS may require a manual update to the firmware of your credit card swipes to ensure compatibility with the POS. The iPP350 devices will take approximately 5-10 minutes each and the iCMP devices will take approximately 20-30 minutes each.  These upgrades will impact your business, so we recommend that you make these updates outside of your normal operating business hours.

To update the card swipe, create an order, press Pay, and then press Credit.

For IPP350 devices:

- The POS will show the message: "Waiting for PIN pad".  The PIN pad will start to update and reboot several times on its own, which will take several minutes.  When completed the screen on the PIN pad will return to its home screen and stay there.

For ICMP devices:

- The POS will show the message: "Trying to reconnect".  The PIN pad will show the message: "Downloading R09210002B3.ogz Please Wait...."

- The PIN pad will start to download the app, which will take 10 minutes or more.  

- The iPad will show: "Success xxxxx terminal has been connected Please retry action."

The process is not complete.  You'll have to re-pair the Bluetooth connection from the iCMP to the iPad.  Once re-paired, you may see "This Lane Closed" on the iCMP and you'll have to hit Credit again for the PIN Pad to continue to install packets and reboot on its own several more times.  This may take at least an additional 10 minutes. When completed, "This Lane Closed" will appear on the swipe in a bolder and larger font than before.


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