How to disable the signature for sales receipt when processing credit cards using Intuit Merchant Services in QBPOS Desktop

This article will walk you through the process of disabling the signature line being printed for sales receipt when processing credit cards in QBPOS Desktop using Intuit Merchant Services.

  1. Open QBPOS Desktop (and log into your company file if necessary with a user that has permissions to use the Print Designer tool).
  2. Click on File.


  1. Click on Tools and then Print Designer.


  1. Select Sales Receipt from the drop down box named "Select a Document Type".


  1. Now select the sales receipt template that you use as your default.  Most people use the default named "40 column".


  1. After you have selected your sales receipt template, click Modify.


  1. This will now open the Print Designer application and the sales receipt template you have selected.


  1. Double click on the highlighted section.


  1. It will now bring up the Properties Editor for the selection section.


  1. Uncheck the Available Group Fields that is named "Tender signature line".


  1. Click OK to save the change to the sales receipt template.


  1. In the upper right hand of the window, click Preview.


  1. You will now see a print preview of the modified sales receipt template and the signature line has been removed.


  1. Close the Print Preview by clicking Exit in the upper right hand corner.


  1. Close the Print Designer by clicking Close in the lower right hand corner.


  1. You will now be prompted to save the changes you made to the sales receipt template.  Click Yes.


  1. Click Close to close the Print Designer.


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