QB POS: How to determine if you have an EMV capable iPP350

This article reviews how to determine if your iPP350 is EMV capable.

Start by looking at the under-side of the iPP350 for an "EMV Ready" sticker.

If your iPP350 does NOT have an "EMV Ready" sticker it is not EMV capable and will need to be replaced before July 31, 2019 to prevent disruption to your credit card processing.  Contact iPOS for a replacement unit.

If your iPP350 has an "EMV Ready" Sticker as noted below, you have an EMV capable unit.  However, in order to process EMV cards via Chip & Pin,  the firmware on the unit will need to be updated.  Intuit is planning to notify all merchants of the process to update the firmware once they determine the necessary steps.


If your iPP350 has an "EMV Ready 2.0" Sticker as noted below, your have an EMV capable unit with the latest firmware and nothing needs to be done pertaining to your iPP350.



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