Revel POS: Hospitality Feature List

This article contains a list of features in version 2.48 with a brief description of each feature.

NOTE: Features that are optional and an additional cost have been designated as "(Add-On)".

Point of Sale Processes

Cash Management

Maintain total control of your cash flow with till management. With rich permission settings and a log that tracks activity, you rest assured that your cash is right where it should be.

Set Alerts and Prompts

Stay on top of your cash flow with tools that assist in tracking your dollars. Prompt employees to set a starting till when logging in to the POS at the beginning of a shift, and set an alert to notify you when a till reaches a certain amount.

Virtual Tills

Tie tills to individual employees rather than to a cash box to accurately attribute end of day totals to the right employees.

Table Management

Utilize Revel’s suite of restaurant management tools to provide excellent service – from making a reservation through paying the bill.

Visual Table Layouts

Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS for increased efficiency. Assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless.

Split Checks Painlessly

Split a bill evenly, by item, or manually input bill amounts for each payment. Revel allows you to provide your customers flexible payment options.

Payment Flexibility

It’s necessary to be flexible to cater to your customers. Be prepared for split bills, bar tabs, store credit and more with Revel’s payment features.

Waitlist Management

Maintain an accurate view of your restaurant waitlist.

Table Timers

Ensure guests don’t experience service gaps from the moment they arrive at their table. Easily identify what stage of service each table is in with color coded timers.

Reservation Management (Add-On)

Maintain an accurate view of your restaurant reservations.

Delivery Management (Add-On)

Expand your business with Delivery Management tools that enable you to accept, manage, and track delivery orders from your POS.

Optimize Your Operations from Door to Door

Take your business to the next level with Delivery Management fully integrated into Revel’s platform. Track and manage every order in real-time from your POS.

Intelligent Customer Service

Wow your customers with a seamless delivery experience that recognizes return customers and their orders. Create delivery regions and automatically optimize delivery routes to provide realistic delivery windows and efficient service.

Driver Tracking

Keep an eye on your drivers on a virtual map. Monitor their check in and outs, cash on hand, and plotted delivery routes.

Delivery Options to Reach a Larger Audience

Integrate with one of Revel’s delivery partners to open your business to a larger audience. Grab your piece of the booming food delivery industry.

Checkmate (Integration Partner)

Checkmate integrates 3rd party online ordering services such as GrubHub, UberEats & others to Revel & sends them directly to the kitchen.

Chowly (Integration Partner)

Chowly integrates your third-party online ordering platforms such as Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash, Caviar and more with your restaurants point of sale (POS). This lowers staffing costs, increases revenue, and


Keep your sensitive business data and your customers’ information protected from potential threats with the highest level of PCI-compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE) payments, and rich user access controls

Employee Security

Set employee permissions to control access to the Management Console and POS. Easily set up your entire team by defining permissions by user groups or assign specific access by individual.

Secure your POS with employee login security. Prevent breaches with PIN numbers that will automatically lock after too many failed attempts  and add an extra layer of protection with personal swipe cards.

Payment Security - EMV Compliance

Protect your business and your customers with EMV compliant payment processing. Have peace of mind your data is secure with Revel.

Meet industry standards and have total peace of mind that your business is protected from chargeback liability with Revel’s EMV compliant payment solutions.

Always On Mode

Confidently keep your business running, even if your connection goes down. Revel’s advanced hybrid architecture enables your POS to run undisturbed offline or on a local network.

Rather than turning away customers, Revel’s hybrid architecture enables your POS system to run offline and process all transactions. Using this built-in feature doesn’t require any additional requirements or costs! Just set your parameters and Always on Mode will kick in when you need it.

Continue to process transactions through internet slowdown or service outages with Always on Mode. Swiped payments taken offline are automatically queued and processed when your connection comes back.

Customer Display System (Add-On)

Utilize a Customer Display System to empower your customers, provide increased transparency, and add a branding touchpoint.

Capabilities that Empower Your Customers

  • Go green! Allow customers to choose paperless, emailed receipts
  • Give customers the power to sign and tip right on the CDS - increasing tips for your employees
  • Show your customers their order as it is entered, improving order accuracy
  • Allow customers to engage with your loyalty program on screen

Customize Your Customer Display

Display dynamic and custom imagery on your Customer Display System. Advertise specials, insert branded imagery and messaging between sales.

Kitchen Display System (Add-On)

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows orders to display on an iPad screen instead of or in addition to kitchen printer(s).

Mobile Order Takers

Sell on the go, speed up the order process, and engage your customers. Take orders or process sales from anywhere in your establishment with Revel’s Mobile Order Takers.

Provide Excellent Table Service

Equip your servers with Mobile Order Takers to improve order accuracy and speed up the production process. Keep your staff up to date on menu changes and send orders directly to the kitchen to reduce wait times.

Cut Down Long Lines

Keep the line flowing and never risk losing a sale due to wait times. Have your team jump into action and cut down a line with the help of a Mobile Order Taker.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Engage with your customers directly on the sales floor while your customers shop. With a Mobile Order Taker, you can easily and efficiently check out your customer on the spot. Wow your customers and eliminate any service delays that create second thoughts.

Self-Service Kiosk

Improve your bottom line and speed of service with an intuitive Self-Service Kiosk.

Increase Service Speeds

Enable customers to place their own orders, and speed through peak hour rushes without breaking a sweat or sacrificing customer service. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, helping to eliminate communication errors and product waste.

Grab More Customers with Grab and Go

Introduce a new stream of revenue and cut down on wait times by introducing a grab and go selection in your restaurant.

Seamless Syncing

Integrate your CRM and loyalty programs seamlessly into your kiosk so customers can earn rewards, quickly view their order history, and easily reorder their favorites.

Online Ordering (Add-On)

Give your customers the flexibility to order online at their convenience. Get more orders, gain loyal customers, and increase revenue with online ordering.

Maintain Consistency with In-Store Offerings

Simply push menu changes to both online and physical location menu displays. Maintain consistency, and be sure your customers are seeing your current menus.

Build Brand Equity

Customize your online presence to be an extension of your physical business. Build a branded online ordering platform and provide a user-friendly experience.

Seamless Omnichannel

Integrate your online ordering platform with your POS platform. Sync CRM, gift cards, and loyalty program information across your platforms. Recognize your loyal customers whenever and wherever they place an order.

"67% of customers who have placed an order online will visit the restaurant more frequently versus those who have not." - PMQ Pizza Magazine

Gift Cards (Add-On)

Increase sales, retain old customers, and earn new ones by offering gift cards. With Revel’s POS system, setting up and processing gift cards is easy.

Loyalty Programs (Add-On)

You’re in control of your loyalty program. Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and encourages customers to keep coming back for more.

Open API

Leverage Revel’s open API to build a business platform that fits your needs.

Management Console

Product Management & Menu Building

Tailor a menu that reflects your business. Utilize spreadsheet upload, in POS app, or enter items into your Management Console to build a menu.

Employee Management

Manage all aspects of labor operations from a single console and streamline your administrative paperwork, allowing you to focus on big picture items.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. Whether in store or on the go, confidently manage your inventory.

Low-Stock Alerts

Low-Stock alerts keep you one step ahead. Setup alerts to let you know when items are low. Generate purchase orders and automatically send to your vendors.Track past year’s sales numbers so you can get results to further fine tune your inventory and ordering process.

Ingredient-Level Inventory

Maintain a view of your inventory, down to the ingredient level, in real time. Draw from Revel’s robust reports to make business critical decisions.

Physical Inventory App (Add-On)

Scan and manage your inventory more efficiently than ever. Use your phone as a handheld barcode scanner and inventory management tool to ensure accurate inventory records. Seamlessly sync activity from the Inventory App to your Management Console.

Kitchen Management

Streamline your kitchen processes with tools that connect directly to your POS. Maintain constant communication between front of house and back of house with Revel’s kitchen management tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Deploy a customer engagement strategy powered by your CRM. Capture customer information from your POS and connect regularly to keep your business top of mind.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay smart about your business with Revel’s reporting suite that gathers data from every transaction, organizing it into detailed reports to help you analyze your business performance.

Sales Reporting

Manage your overhead with COGS and labor reports and be better prepared for future operations. Leverage Product Mix Reports and Hourly Sales Reports to identify your best selling products as well as those that aren’t worth the effort.

Inventory Reporting

Maintain a real-time view of available inventory, and proactively restock inventory to maintain ideal levels.

  • Restaurant  - Identify your most profitable menu items, learn where you can reduce waste, and view profitability on all of your items.
  • Retail  - Make sure you're always stocked, utilize matrix inventory to make sure the right sizes or varieties are available to your customers.

Labor Reporting

Track employee productivity and measure employee costs against sales revenue. Optimize your labor scheduling to better align with business trends to reduce overspend.

Revel Insights (Add-On)

Manage single or multiple locations from anywhere with real-time reporting from the Revel POS platform right on your mobile device, so you can ensure that business is going as planned.

Real-Time Reporting on the Go

With Insights by Revel, you can easily access business-critical data directly from your smartphone. Enjoy peace of mind that business is going as planned, even when you’re not onsite.

Dig Deeper

Get a high-level snapshot or go granular with reporting on sales, product performance, labor, and more.

Stay in the Loop with Alerts

Set notifications to alert you about employee clock-ins or unapproved overtime, and make scheduling changes right from the app.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Easily manage your business’ finances and accounting on a single platform with Revel’s QuickBooks Online integration.



Enterprise Management (Add-On)

Standardize your operations across multiple locations and manage your business with Revel’s full suite of tools for your Enterprise.

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