Revel POS: Revel University Table Service Videos

Before training begins or as a refresher, please review the following videos to enhance your understanding and knowledge of Revel POS.

Getting Started

Creating your Apple ID


Revel Management Console Overview |

POS Overview - TSR

Orders on the POS Overview

Introduction to Reporting

House Accounts Overview

End of Shift Process

Configuring Settings

Basic POS Settings | Advanced POS Settings | Inventory Settings

Receipt Settings | Revel Online Ordering Settings

Hardware Setup

Provisioning your iPad

Installing the POS App on the iPad

Setting up Revel Hardware Retail

Setting up Revel Hardware Restaurant

Printing Price Tags from the Management Console / Inventory


Adding Employees | Roles and Permissions | Administrator Permissions

Roles & Hourly Wages | Employee Schedules | Time Worked


Product Classes | Product Groups | Custom Menus

Building Your Product List | Product List Building via Spreadsheet | New Product Wizard

Product Details

Introduction to Discounts

Percent Discount | Stackable Discounts | Buy One Get One Discount

Happy Hour | Group Combos | Upsell Combos

Discounts on the POS


Introduction to Inventory

Setting up your Shipping address | Adding Ingredients

Adding Vendors and Attaching Ingredients | Adding Vendors and Attaching Products

Purchase Orders | Reorder & Low Stock Alerts | Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)


Revel POS 2.31

Refreshing your POS | Updating the POS App

Log In vs Clock In

POS Transactions

Cash Transaction | Credit Card Transaction | Credit vs Manual Credit vs Credit Plus

Voids, Exchanges, Refunds - Retail | Voids, Exchanges, Refunds - TSR

Till Management - Retail / QSR | Till Management - TSR

Tip Adjustment & Batch Processing


Introduction to Reporting


Revel Add-On Features

Revel Gift Cards | Delivery Management | Revel Online Ordering & Custom Menus

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