Revel POS: 2.48 Release Notes (Summarized)

This article summarizes the New Features and Enhancements in the February / March 2019 release of version 2.48.

New Features in 2.48:

Management Console

  • Easily create and attach recipes to products, modifiers, and ingredients through an Excel import.
  • Time Management improvements include the ability to require manager approval on the Point of Sale for employees who clock in after their scheduled start time and automatically log out employees once they’ve clocked out in order to prevent them from doing any actions on the Point of Sale when not clocked in.
  • New Cost Controls on Group Combos allow you to set a specific price for each set of products within a group combo.
  • Tip Pooling refinement makes it easier to split tip amounts without the need to calculate on a separate spreadsheet, giving you better control for shift based tip pooling, not just based on the cashier or server who opened the ticket.
  • Discount enhancements give you ability to choose the number of target products that can be discounted based on the qualifying group. For example, if a customer buys a box of chocolates, you can set a group of products (such as cookies and a mug) to be discounted or complimentary. This feature is useful if you are applying the discount to the same order multiple times.
  • Consumer Marketing Opt-In/Out allows you to select which marketing materials a customer receives. 
  • Anonymization removes all of a customer's personal information from the system.

Online Ordering

  • New failover process for Online Ordering payments will force a cancellation of an order within three minutes of payment attempt if payment is not captured. Consumers (your customers) using online ordering will receive an email notification indicating they have not been charged and they should make another order because of the payment failure.   Additionally, merchants are copied on this email. Please Note: this is currently only active for FreedomPay and Vantiv/Mercury in 2.48; additional improvements will be released in the future.

Kitchen Display

  • The Kitchen Display System has been optimized to include:
    • Color coding identification to help the kitchen staff quickly determine the order dining type, making it easier to box or plate orders.
    • Item claiming to ensure that different stations are not working on the same orders.
    • You can now filter the KDS by Dining Option.


  • Several additions have been made to enhance the user experience for Pizza establishments, including:
    • Split modifiers can be set to split price or to use the same price as the original modifier. For example, pepperoni on one half of a pizza will cost the same as pepperoni on a whole pizza.
    • Delivery tickets now include the customer’s last initial.
    • You now have the ability to enable item-specific pricing for modifiers.
    • You can now set separate cash default amounts for virtual tills.

Enhancements in 2.48:


  • The “Scheduled” Physical Inventory function has been removed for ease of flow.

Physical Inventory App

  • The new inventory app now allows you to create groups of ingredients.
  • Recounts can now be done for only particular items rather than counting an entire section.
  • The app now shows the actual Unit of Measure (UOM) name for each ingredient configured in Revel instead of "Individuals Units" as the Base Unit.
  • Inventory count quantities can now have a decimal value rather than whole numbers, as previously.
  • When completing physical inventory, a warning will alert the stock taker of inability to edit after finish.
  • To prevent confusion and miscounts, if you sort by the UOM, the system will now sort from largest unit to smallest, rather than by alpha.
  • You can now suspend and save a section’s inventory count and edit at a later time.
  • Physical Inventory History Report now displays UOM of Ingredient or Product.


  • Expo Print functionality has been updated to allow expo to be completed by item.
  • New settings have been added on the KDS to include setting the order of Dining Options (Dine In, To Go, etc.).
  • Kitchen descriptions have been added to modifiers, which can be displayed on the KDS and on the modifier import/export.

Management Console

  • With Physical inventory, you can now make available ingredient groups on the Management Console.
  • In the CRM database, the data export now includes an opt-in/opt out status for email notifications.
  • Store managers can now be granted permission to delete Purchase Orders.
  • All items for vendors are now displayed in their associated Purchase Orders.
  • You can now included multiple email addresses in the vendor records when creating/editing vendor contact info.
  • If Discounts and/or Custom Menus are pushed from EMS that contain products that don't exist at the target locations, you will have the option to push them.

Point of Sale

  • When processing a return, if cashier overrides the return to inventory default, the POS will prompt for a manager’s PIN.
  • When voiding and/or returning items, the system will also prevent overriding the return to inventory defaults.
  • $0 price items in group combos will now prompt for price on Point of Sale.
  • Item Details Screen > New UX/UI for "Set Seat".
  • If the maximum amount of items in an order is reached (300), the POS will show 1 of 3 possible error messages depending on the action being made: 1) "Maximum number of items exceeded. Item cannot be added." 2) "Maximum number of items exceeded. Orders cannot be merged." or 3)"Maximum number of items exceeded. Items cannot be moved.
  • Move items within a quantity from one table/order to another.

Other Enhancements

  • There is now a Marketing/Privacy option for your customers to opt-in/out on the CDS, Kiosks, Custom Commerce App (iOS and Android).  Additionally, these values can be set and adjusted through the POS and the Management Console. Further this status can be exported via the CRM customer record export.
  • On the POS, Country and State are now 'drop downs' for consistency with customer addresses.
  • Delivery addresses now show on the Delivery Console under the Order History screen.
  • Loyalty/Rewards points accrue when delivery drivers checkout after the order.
  • For convenience, when editing an employees information, you can stay on the employees record upon saving, rather than being redirected back to the employee list.
  • When creating service fees, you can add a product qualification type to your fees; choose from Classes, Groups or Products.
  • For Kiosk, use editable call name/number labels to easily identify the appropriate customer.
  • Voucher numbers clearly display on both the physical Receipt and CDS Screen.
  • To prevent selling goods that are out of stock, the system will no longer allow conversion of invoices to orders if there is insufficient inventory. A warning displays if quantity on layaway is greater than the quantity on hand.
  • When extra items are added to an order, the item amount now accrues for rewards/loyalty points.
  • For Moneris payment processing, you can now add a tip percentage rather than just a dollar amount.
  • For added security, employee’s last names no longer appear on gift card creation receipts.
  • You now have the flexibility with tip pooling to decide if you shift-based tip pools are included in a pool based on Open or Closed date.
  • On the Point of Sale, you will see an additional tax breakdown on your Sales Summary Report.
  • Employees can now see a breakdown of the Cash Due House on the Point of Sale Sales Summary report.
  • Multiple email addresses can now be used in emailing Purchase Orders to clients.


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