Pair Honeywell Bluetooth 1902 with iPad

This article will walk you through pairing a Honeywell Bluetooth 1902 scanner with an iPad using Revel POS.

  1. Scan the Factory Default Settings: All Work Groups barcode.


  1. Scan the Charge Only Mode barcode.


  1. Scan the Unlink Scanner barcode.


  1. Scan the Bluetooth HID Keyboard Connect barcode.


  1. On the iPad, go to Settings->Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. On the iPad, on the Bletooth page tap the entry reading Xenon_1902_SN_<serial number of your scanner here>.  It may say Paired if it was previously paired in the past.  If it reads Not Connected, tap on it and tell it to forget this device and then tap on it again.
  3. If a message stating you should make sure the scanner is powered on, then start again at step #4.
  4. The entry on the iPad for Xenon_1902_SN_<serial number of your scanner here> should now read Connected.

The Honeywell 1902BT acts as a Bluetooth keyboard so the keyboard will not come up by default.  To raise or lower the keyboard, double press the trigger.

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