Revel 2.43 Release Notes

Revel 2.43 Release Notes

New Features: Management Console

  • Inventory Management enhancements include further organization across locations and ingredients being added to Physical Inventory.
  • Ongoing improvements to your Reporting suite update the Product Mix report, enable businesses to track multiple currencies, and enhance the new catering report with the ability to add notes. To learn more, check out our articles about reporting:
    • Product Mix Report
    • Catering Delivery Report
    • Establishment Payment Report
    • Payment Summary Report
    • Order History Report
  • It’s now possible to apply discounts only to the base product of an upsell combo and not to the upsell itself using the Exclude Upsell from Discount setting. To learn more, check out our Setting Up Discounts guide.
  • Require the purchase of a product from each listed category or class before the gift with purchase is awarded Gift with Purchase Discount. You can find more information in our Gift with Purchase Discount guide.
  • Security updates provide further control and protection for your business.
  • New (optional) employee settings restrict who can assign permissions to others.

New Features: Point of Sale

You'll need to download the 2.43 Revel Point of Sale app from the App Store to access these new features – coming early October!

  • Enhanced Tip Pooling lets you view Tips per Hour and divvy up tips by role and time worked. You can find more details in our Tip Pooling article.
  • Love the new Custom Action Buttons? Now you can add them directly to your home dashboard on the Point of Sale. Learn about how to create Custom Action Buttons in our guide Custom Action Buttons on the Point of Sale.
  • Give your team the ability to check how long they’ve worked in a shift with the addition of a Time Management button for employees. Learn how in our article Intro to the Point of Sale: TSR.
  • Delivery Management updates provide increased driver management functionality.
    • A driver left an order behind? Easily unassign, then reassign that order.
    • You can now require an active virtual till for delivery drivers.
    • Find out more in our Delivery Management Guide.
  • Handling Future Orders is streamlined; new enhancements can enable invoices as a default, prompt for invoice due date, and then automatically turn invoices into orders on that date.
    • You can now opt to have future orders (1 day out or more) default to invoices, allowing the payments to be logged immediately (as deposits), while sales themselves will be logged only when the invoice becomes an order on its due date.
    • Invoices can be set to automatically become orders on their due dates by default.
    • To help users handle future orders, You can now elect to prompt for due date, either on order creation, or on save/hold/pay.
    • We've added a new article about Future Orders to help you get started.
  • Updates to Till Management offer greater control of safe drops and support for multiple currencies.
    • Enhancements allow for single-currency tracking of multiple currencies.
    • Cashiers can now make safe drops using bill or coin counts, just as they can for opening and closing tills.
    • Safe drop receipts now include a barcoded drop amount and site ID (where applicable) as well as a printable cashier receipt.
    • Till Alerts can now be set by currency and time of day.
    • As part of this feature, Revel also introduced Maximum Safe Drop, which can be used to guarantee that a certain amount of money remains in the till.
    • Learn how to use these features with our Till Management Guide.

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