Revel CDS 2.40 Release Notes

Revel Customer Display Screen 2.40 New Features

You'll need to download the 2.40 Revel CDS app from the App Store – coming July 2018!

  • Captivate your customers while they check out, an enhanced Customer Display Screen allows you to further customize your CDS with video and additional branding capabilities.
  • Grow your customer database by giving your customers the ability to opt in for your loyalty program during a transaction and enable individuals to enter their contact information right on the CDS.


User Interface Enhancements

Revel has redesigned the way it displays items being sold by weight on the CDS, bring into line with the rest of the UI.

Revel has redesigned for greater usability the screen where customers may enter their emails to receive receipts.

In split screen mode, if the CDS displays a video that does not cover the entire screen area, the background shall now be colored black as opposed to white.

Revel has made several changes to the color options that were introduced in 2.34. Primary Color has been renamed Darker Color and Secondary Color is now Lighter Color. Darker color is used for all text and buttons that exist on white background. Users now may now select which color is used in the header bar. Its opposite will be used for header bar text and buttons.

Video Content Now Available on CDS

Users may now link to YouTube or Vimeo Videos or externally hosted .mp4 or .mv4 files for display of promotional material on their CDS. Full Screen videos (displayed when the CDS is idle) and Half Screen Videos (displayed on the left side of the CDS in Split Screen Mode) are supported. To display videos, navigate to Settings->Advanced Settings->Customer Display System and choose Video under Split Screen – Use Media Type, and/or Welcome Screen – User Media type. Then, enter the link to the video in Split Screen Video and/or Welcome Screen Video. Note, if the video cannot be played, then the CDS will default to the Split Screen Image or Welcome Screen Image.



Customer Account Creation and Management on the CDS

Customers may now create and sign into their accounts on the CDS. Enable this feature in the new Customer Creation Section of Customer Info settings. Check ‘Allow Customer Creation on CDS’ and select which fields a new customer will be required to complete. Also select how your wish your customers to log into their accounts, via phone, email or loyalty number. If you want a Revel loyalty account to automatically be generated when the customer signs up, be sure that “Allow Automatic Loyalty Generation” is configured under the Loyalty Section of Gift, Rewards and Admin Cards settings.

Once enabled, the CDS will display a button in the upper right inviting the customer to login and a link to create an account if they don’t already have one. Once customers sign in, we will display their loyalty points. Customers may tap their names to perform minor edits to their accounts. They will be able to redeem any rewards they have earned and use any gift cards linked to their accounts.

If customers elect to create a new account, they will input their first and last name, as well as their phone number, email address and/or birthdate as required by the settings. If Automatic Loyalty Generation is supported, Revel will create a new loyalty account for the customer in accordance with the Automatic Loyalty Generation Settings.



Alerting on interfering with customer create

If the customer creation screens are open on the CDS when the cashier attempts to move to the payment screens, Revel will display an alert and ask if the cashier wants to cancel the customer creation or wait.


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