Revel POS: Use Alternate Lookup for Products with the same Barcode

This Article reviews setting up the Alternate Lookup so the POS will propmt with a choice of Products.  We have noted the Field Labels with a description and how they are used.

Reminder: Use the window on the left to set only the fields you want to display on the right.  Use Set as Default so you do not have to set each time.

Alternate Lookup is defined within the Product Details on the Management Console.

Management Console / Products / Products / Select Product / Basic Product Details / Alternate Lookup. 


Note: On the POS, the value must either be scanned or entered in the Barcode Window as seen in the picture above.

Basic Product Details

 Alternate Lookup (ALU):


  • Enter the same value in an Alternate Lookup field for each Product you want to appear in the selection window that will pop up.
    • UPC
    • Barcode
    • SKU
    • PLU or NLU
  • Have not yet discovered a limit to the number of ALUs or the number of Products you can assign the same value.
  • To remove an Alternate Lookup, click the "-" to the right of the box


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