Revel POS: Create Selling Products/Units

This Article reviews the Product Fields used for PA Beer Distributors to create a Selling Product/Unit.  We have noted the Field Labels with a description and how they are used.

Reminder: Use the window on the left to set only the fields you want to display on the right.  Use Set as Default so you do not have to set each time.

Basic Product Details

Product name*:


  • Required field (noted by the *)
  • Format
    • Brand
    • Ounce
    • Package
    • Type of Units
  • Used for:
    • POS Buttons
    • Reports
    • Sales Receipt
    • Management Console

Product Class:


  • Primarily used for Reporting.




  • Automatically Assigned by the Revel Management Console
  • Printed on Product or Shelf Labels
  • MUST BE UNIQUE.  No other Product in the database can have the same Barcode



  • Optional Field
  • MUST BE UNIQUE.  No other Product in the database can have the same SKU
  • Can be Alpha-Numeric
  • Good use is a Vendor ID, for example, 123456-DUR



  • Initial Cost for this Product
  • Must be updated manually - Will NOT be updated by Receivings
  • Revel will use Cost if not using Dynamic Cost

Dynamic Cost:


  • If "Use Inventory Cost" is set in Settings, Dynamic Cost will be derived from Inventory
  • Cannot be changed manually



  • Required field (noted by the *)
  • Price Customers will pay

Eligible for Discount:


  • If check mark in the box, this Product is eligible to be discounted or used in the Discount rules

Product Groups:


  • Primary use is in Discount Rules
  • Can include Product in multiple Product Groups

 Custom Menus:


  • Custom Menus are used to filter which Products are visibly available for sale.  Used for: 
    • POS (Buttons)
    • Online Ordering
    • Kiosk (Buttons)
    • Digital Menu Boards
  • Can include Product in multiple Custom Menus



  • Only Active Products will appear on the POS and in Reporting
  • Check Mark: Product is Active in the database and is available all thought the POS and Management Console
  • No Check Mark: Product is NOT Active and is not available except in the Product List

 Alternate Lookup (ALU):

  • Additional ways to identify Product
    • UPCs
    • Barcodes
    • SKUs
    • PLUs, NLUs,
  • Does NOT need to be unique
  • Used for items that have the same UPC.  When scanning a UPC on the POS that is in the ALU for Multiple Products, a box will appear to choose one of the Products
  • Have not yet discovered a limit on the number of Alternate Lookups per Product
  • To remove an Alternate Lookup, click the "-" to the right of the box

Basic Product Details / Tax Options



  • Prevailing Tax is the default Tax and is reflected in Active Taxes
  • Tax Groups
    • Used in place of the Prevailing Tax
    • Common Use - No Tax or Non Taxable, different Tax other than Prevailing Tax

Display / Print Options

Main Category*:


  • Required field (noted by the *)
  • Each Product MUST be assigned to at least one Category / Subcategory
  • Select 1 Category / Subcategory
  • This is where the Product will appear on:
    • POS Screen
    • Management Console / Products / Products

Additional Categories:


  • Product can be assigned to multiple Category / Subcategory's
  • Select more than 1 Category / Subcategory
  • This is where the Product will appear on:
    • POS Screen
    • Management Console / Products / Products



  • Image assigned to Product
  • .jpg and .png most common formats
  • Will appear on:
    • POS Button
    • Kiosk Terminal
    • Customer Display (Optional)

Color Code:

  • Select the color of the POS Button for this Product



  • Defined only for Sales Products, i.e., 4PK, 6PK, 8PK, 12PK, etc.
  • Not used for Case Products
  • Used to subtract the appropriate Quantity from the Inventoried Product/Unit each time this Product is sold.


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