Revel POS: Selling Product vs Inventory Product

What is an Inventoried Unit/Product and what is a Selling Unit/Product?

In Revel POS terms, for PA Beer Distributors, this is helpful for Case Beer.

An Inventoried Unit/Product is a Product that you order, i.e. Case of beer.

  • Product you sell in a Unit of a Case
  • Unit/Product you Order from a Vendor
  • Half Pint and Pint examples: 18 PACK, 24 PACK, 30 PACK, 36 PACK
  • Quart examples: 12 PACK, 15 PACK

A Selling Unit/Product is a Product you sell and the Unit you sell it in is a fraction of a Inventoried Unit/Product.

  • Product you Sell as a fraction of a Case
  • Half Pint and Pint examples: Single, 4 PACK, 6 PACK, 8 PACK, 12 PACK
  • Quart examples: Single

Click here to review how to add an Inventoried Product/Unit

Click here to review how to add a Selling Product/Unit

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