Install handheld barcode scanner (Windows 7 and higher)

  1. Unpack the handheld barcode scanner.
  2. If you purchased your workstation from iPOS, please plug the USB cable for the magnetic stripe reader into USB port #6 on the rear of the workstation.  If you did not purchase the workstation from iPOS, you may plug the USB cable into any available USB port on the workstation.
  3. Windows will automatically install the driver for the handheld barcode scanner.  Once the driver has finished installing, Windows will notify you that the device is now ready to use.  When the driver has finished installing, you will hear a series of tones from the handheld barcode scanner.
  4. In QuickBooks Point of Sale, go into the Hardware Setup Wizard under the File menu.
  5. Click Bar code scanner in the left hand window pane.
  6. In the right hand windows pane, please check the option for “Bar code scanner attached”.
  7. At this point, you may choose to test the handheld barcode scanner.  If you want to test the handheld barcode scanner, please click in the “Scan UPC” window.  The inside of the window says “< Click here and scan UPC bar code to test >” in grey letters.  If you do not want test the handheld barcode scanner, please click Leave.
    1. After you have clicked window named “Scan UPC”, take the handheld barcode scanner and scan any item that has a UPC.
    2. After you have a successful scan of a UPC, you will hear a single beep and then see the UPC in two windows.  The first window is named “Scan UPC” and the second window is named “Scan results”.
    3. If the test was successful, please click on the button named “Leave”.  If the test was not successful, please make sure that you have scanned a UPC properly.  If the test is still not successful, please contact Individual Point of Sale at (570)906-8598 option #3 for support.
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