Variable Pricing

Variable pricing allows a different price of a product based on the amount of quantity or weight purchased. For example, if customer purchases 10 $5 beers, then each beer becomes $4.

NOTE: Modifiers that have their own prices will not ring up properly if applied to items with variable pricing. 

Setting Up Variable Pricing

To sell an item with a variable price according to the quantity or the weight that a customer purchases:

  1. Log onto the Revel Management Console.
  2. Navigate to the desired product to have variable pricing enabled.
  3. Click the “pencil” icon to open the product details. 
  4. Make sure "Pricing options" is checked on the left side of the screen.
  5. Scroll down to the option "Variable pricing" and check it.
  6. Select if the variable price of the item will be calculated by quantity or weight.
  7. Click on “+ Add item” and two fields will appear. The left field is for quantity/weight; the second is for the new price.
  8. Enter in the quantity then enter the new price per item.
    1. It is possible to create multiple variable prices, repeat step 7. For example, if customer buys 10 beers, it’s $4 each, but if customer buys 15 beers, it’s $3 each.
  9. Hit Save at the top.
  10. Refresh Revel iPad application.
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