Revel POS Manage Item Mode

Want to take a Physical Inventory or simply adjust inventory counts for certain items in Revel POS?

Sign in to the Revel iPad POS as a manager or a person with the proper authority to access Manage Item Mode.

  1. Open Revel POS and log into the application.


  1. Tap the Product Setup button.


  1. You are now in Manage Item Mode.



Product Creation (to add a new product)

  1. In the main window, navigate to the appropriate category/sub-category that you with to create the item in.


  1. Tap +P Add Product to bring up the item creation window.


  1. Enter in the necessary fields for the product.


  1. Tap Save once the data has been entered for the new product.


  1. Refresh all other Revel iPad stations to receive the new product.


Move & Sort Products

In order to move products around to different categories or sort them in different orders, follow directions below: (It's also possible to rearrange categories and subcategories.)

  1. Navigate to the desired product.


  1. Tap and hold down on the product until the icons start to shake.


  1. Hold down on desired product again and move to the desired spot.
  2. Tap Apply to save.


  1. Refresh all stations to receive the new changes.


Manage Products Details

Within Manage Item Mode, key details can be changed such as price, cost, SKU, barcode, and many more. Select the desired product to open up the manage mode.


Within this screen, the following options are available.

  1. Basic Product Details – Product Name, Description, Class, Price, Cost, Barcode, SKU, Bin, and Unit of Measurement (UOM).
  2. Product Options – Sold by weight, tax free, price embedded, active, track in inventory.
  3. Photo - Take a photo of the product to attach to the button.
  4. 86 Feature Balance – Set stock for a product. This does not affect actual inventory.
  5. Inventory – Set receive, actual, damage, or update cost for inventory.

Manage Matrix Inventory

Within Item Manage Mode, users have the ability to adjust and create products for matrix inventory. This feature is normally enabled for retail clients.

Note: The product attributes can only be made in the Management Console. Make sure to make it first before proceeding to create the parent + child matrix products.


  1. Create a new product. This is the base product for the matrix.


  1. Tap the Matrix button at the top next to the product name to open the Matrix options.


  1. Choose if this is to be the parent item or child item for the Matrix.  In this situation, the product will be the parent.


  1. Choose the needed attribute sets for the Matrix configuration.  In this scenario, we will choose "Color" for the first attribute and "Size - Shoes" for the second attribute.


  1. Tap Save to save the changes for the creation of the the Parent product for the Matrix.


  1. Once the changes to the Parent in the Matrix have been saved, you will see the Matrix icon now show a "P" for it being the parent.


  1. Tap Save to save the changes to the Parent product.


  1. Create the “child” product via the Product Creation steps above.
  2. Tap the Matrix button for the specific product.


  1. Select Child then select the parent product previously created.


  1. Select the appropriate attributes of this child product (ex. Color: Black, Size: 8).


  1. Tap Save to save the changes to the Matrix attributes.


  1. Tap Save one more time to save all changes to the Child Matrix product.


  1. Then tap Save again at the bottom left.
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