Creating Items with Prices embedded in the Barcode

Price Embedded Barcodes

Price Embedded barcodes are similar to PLU codes in that these are primarily used for unpackaged items, like deli meats and cheeses. Clients will usually have a scale of their own where they will punch in the PLU code for that particular product on that scale, weigh it, and then print out a price embedded barcode from the scale to attach to the product.

These barcodes consist of five parts and will read something like 2 00001 8 0754 1, with each number representing the following: 

  • 2 – the leading check digit, which flags the barcode as price embedded
  • 00001 – the PLU of the product (note that it HAS to be programmed as FIVE digits)
  • 8 – check digit of the PLU
  • 0754 – the price of the product (here, $7.54)
  • 1 – the check digit of the price

In order for Revel to read these Price Embedded Barcodes correctly, a few settings must be configured on the products. To do so.

  1. From the Management Console, navigate to Products and find the product that you'd like to associate with a price embedded barcode and click on the  icon to access the Product Details.
  2. Make sure your settings match the screenshot below, including activating both the Price Embedded and Sold by Weight options. Additionally, make sure your price is the unit price per pound and input the five digit PLU into the Barcode field as well.
  3. Once you have this information entered, hit Save, and refresh all the iPads for the settings to take effect.

NOTE: Revel does not directly integrate with or sell deli scales that print out price embedded barcodes. Clients will have to program their own deli scales with the PLU codes and Unit Price for the barcode to print properly and be accurately read by the Point of Sale.

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