What Happens with your Merchant Account and Gift Card Processing When Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop POS v12 from a Prior Version

When you upgrade to QB POS v12 from a previous version, you will need to have a new merchant account created.  We will need to know if you use Intuit Merchant Services for Payments only or if you also use Intuit Merchant Services for your Gift Cards. If you have an existing Gift Card account with Intuit, please let us know immediately so we can get them linked together. 

For your Payments Account:

We will submit your name to Intuit Merchant Services for the purpose of creating a new Merchant Account to be used with your POS v12.  They will contact you for information, you’ll complete documents and return. Finally, you’ll receive an email from BusinessServices@Intuit.com and will have a subject of: Your payments account is approved – get started now. 



In this email, you’ll see a link to Create or Confirm User ID.  Please click on this link to either log into your existing account, or to create a new one.  Be sure to use the email address associated with this account when you log in.  (The email address will be listed below the link, as shown.)



If you already have a login and password for Intuit associated with the same email address, you’ll just click to confirm the User ID associated with the account.  If you don’t have an account already, you’ll see a small link that for creating a new account.  Once you’ve created and logged into the account, your Payments account is ready to be used in QuickBooks POS Desktop v12.


If you’re only using a Payments Account and not Gift Cards, once you log into the new Merchant Account in your updated version of POS, we will test processing a credit card.  If it works without any problems, you’re all set to go live in your new POS version! 

If you are using Gift Cards too, please see the information below regarding your Gift Card account.

For Your Gift Card Account:

If you had an old account, it will need to be linked to a new account.  If you haven’t informed us that you are using Gift Cards through Intuit, please notify us immediately. 

Once your new Gift Card Account is set up, and you have logged in to your Payments Account in POS, and tested, you are ready to test gift card functionality.  We will test to be certain everything is working properly and you are able to process old and new gift cards after we convert your database.

If your Gift Cards are not working, we will not go live in the new POS Version until we determine they are working.  At that time, if we’ve had to wait a few days, we will convert your database again and then you’ll be able to go live with your new system.

If your Gift Cards are working successfully, you’re all set to go live in your new POS version!

Returns on Merchandise Purchased on Old Merchant Account:

If a customer makes a purchase with a credit or debit card under the old Payments Account, and wants to return after you’ve started using your new payments account, here is how things will work:

  • Returns for Exchange – works normally.
  • Returns for Store Credit – works normally.
  • Returns for Refund – not able to process a refund to a credit card. 
    • In order to process this return, you will need to issue a store credit or a gift card, rather than issuing a cash refund or a credit on their credit or debit card.

Gift Cards from Old Gift Card Account:

If the Gift Card account has been set up properly, your gift cards from the Old account will work with your New account.  This is why we test functionality prior to you going live with your new version of POS.  If they are not working properly, we will postpone going live with your new version until this problem has been resolved.


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