iPos Offsite Backup

It is important to note that not only can we backup your QB POS data but we can also easily backup additional business critical data you may have.

Our Offsite Backup Software Solution offers robust enterprise-class backup software, encryption and centralized management, along with other additional capabilities and features listed:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Supports multiple platforms for backing other business critical data
  • Cost is based on compressed storage, not raw size
  • Can backup your Outlook/Outlook Express files
  • Can backup network shares and files across your network
  • Flexible software configuration
    • Multiple 256-bit encryption methods
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly scheduling
    • Configurable retention
    • Incremental or Differential in-file delta
    • Retention policies can reduce disk space used
    • Multiple backup sets


Your POS system has the ability to backup its data on the local PC’s hard drive, a network location or another PC’s hard drive.  While the processes iPOS has installed should be set up in this manner, you should verify how your system is backing up.

Local backups are not always enough when it comes to securing your business critical data should a disaster of any kind affect your store or facility.  In addition to local backups, we strongly recommend automated offsite backups.

 iPOS offers you two options from which to choose, please check (Ö) your option:

  • Option 1 – I prefer to use my own backup methods and understand the risks involved to my business
  • Option 2 – Purchase Cloud backup from iPOS - $8.00/5GB per month*(sales tax not included)

 Number of PCs to be covered:_______

-          $20 per PC setup/installation fee at iPOS offices or

-          $45 per PC setup/installation fee remote installation                                   

-          Multiple PCs or Locations require a one-time purchase of an advanced software license at a cost of $38.95

  • Number of Sites to be covered: ______
  • Additional 5GB blocks needed: ______
  • Additional storage can be purchased in 5GB blocks at $8.00 per month per block

If you choose to purchase offsite backup and have iPOS review your backups you will receive the following benefits:

  • Software configured and installed to industry standards
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Backup completion status and assistance in resolution of backup errors
  • Notification of backups missed for more than three (3) days
  • Notification of storage quotas of 90% usage or more

 NOTE: While the backup software we offer is robust and full featured, it must be correctly configured to work properly with the appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure your data is safe.  iPOS provides no guarantee or representation that the software will always work as intended.  It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the data critical to your business is being backed up within your organization with appropriate policies and procedures in place including regular disaster recovery testing.  Data will only be backed up from your QB Backup folder unless otherwise instructed.  You are responsible for monitoring the amount of data in the QB Backup folder.  We will notify you when your amount of data is at 90% of quota.  If your amount of data continues at 90% of quota or greater you will automatically be upgraded to the next increment of 5GB of storage resulting in additional fees.


*Price does not include data restores or recovery.  Restores/recovery will be billed at current labor rates.

This agreement will be effective for a period of 12 months.  At the expiration of the original term of the agreement, this agreement shall continue in full force and effect on a month-to-month basis at the then current price unless 30 days written notice of termination is given by either party.  Please note that standard installation fees will apply to any service that is discontinued and later reinstalled.

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Authorized Name: _____________________________________                        Title: _________________________________

I confirm I have read and understand the choices and conditions of this agreement _________________________________________________________

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