How to add an Employee in POS

Use this procedure to add employees in Point of Sale and optionally assign security group rights. The rights of the assigned security group determine the employee’s access to Point of Sale features.

If you require logins, only the System Administrator can add employees.

To add a new employee:

  1. If you require logins, log in to Point of Sale as the System Administrator.
  2. From the Employees menu, select Employee List.  Your employee list is displayed.
  3. Select New Employee.
  4. Enter employee name, contact information, and other information in the appropriate fields:
  • The optional Notes field on the Custom tab can be used to show schedules, vacations, etc.
  • (Pro) If applicable, enter a commission percentage if you will pay the employee a commission on eligible sales.
  • If you pay your employees a commission for sales, Point of Sale can calculate and report commission amounts for you. Each employee can have his own commission rate and items can be marked in inventory as eligible or not for commission. When making a sale of items earning a commission, Point of Sale will calculate the commissions which can be seen in a report.
  • (Pro) If using Time Clock to track hours worked for the employee, select the Hourly checkbox. The employee will be prompted to clock in/out for purposes of tracking hours worked.

Point of Sale's Time Clock provides a way to track employee hours worked. Employees clock in and out to begin and end their work shifts. Associated tools and reports are available for managers to review and edit time clock records when needed. If you are integrated with QuickBooks Financial Software 2008 - 2015, Time Clock entries can be sent to your financial software to use in preparing your payroll.

The Time Clock feature is turned on by selecting I want to track employee hours on the General page of company preferences. Time Clock tasks are then available from the Employees menu.

In a multi-store configuration, time records are sent from remote stores to Headquarters and Headquarters can add or edit Time Clock entries for any store.

  • (Pro) Custom fields on the Custom tab can be used to record additional employee information.
  • Point of Sale provides you the ability to create and use custom fields. Once defined, the custom fields can be displayed and used to filter lists and reports, and can be added to your printed documents using Print Designer.

For example, on your customer records you may wish to add fields for birthday and spouse's name. In inventory, you may wish to track the vendor’s catalog number, or you may need to record and print an item part number on your purchase orders.

  1. If you require logins to use the program, also complete the following:
  • Login Name: Assign an alphanumeric login name. Login names must be unique and be made up of letters or numbers and the dash, underscore, and dot/period characters. Login names cannot include spaces or other special characters. Once assigned, login names cannot be changed.
  • Security Group: Displays the list of security groups that can be assigned to the employee. Select security group from the drop-down list of your available groups (the four predefined groups and your custom groups).
  • Password: Select Create Password. Enter a password and enter it again to confirm.
  1. Select Save or Save and New if adding another employee.

The currently logged in employee must log out and then log in again for changes to take effect in Point of Sale.

(Multi-Store) Employees and security rights are defined at each store independently and are not exchanged between stores. However, if using Time Clock, the time records of hourly employees are sent from remote stores to Headquarters. When a new employee is added to Point of Sale at a remote store, the remote may want to contact Headquarters outside of QuickBooks Point of Sale to have the employee added to the employee list at Headquarters for payroll or other purposes.


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