Editing Items On A Sales Receipt Or Sales Order in QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop

Editing Items On A Sales Receipt Or Sales Order in QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop

You can edit an item on a transactional document only until the document has been saved. You can edit items on order documents at any time.

These edits will affect only the listed items on the document; they will not affect the corresponding items in inventory. The fields that can be edited vary by document, but typically edits are made to:

  • Change the quantity, price, cost, or give an item discount
  • Change an item’s tax code, when special tax handling is needed
  • Edit the item description; sometimes used on service or non-inventory items
  • (Pro) Enter item serial numbers
  • (Pro) Change the sales Associate on a line-item basis for commission tracking

The procedure here is for editing an item on a sales receipt. The general procedure is the same on other documents, though choices may vary slightly.

To edit a listed item:

  1. Highlight the item you wish to edit on the receipt.

If you just listed the item, it is automatically highlighted and this step is not necessary.

  1. Make edits as necessary:
  • Click Qty + and Qty – to increase or decrease the item quantity respectively.
  • Select Return Item to change the quantity to negative (a negative quantity adds the item back to inventory)
  • Click Qty/Price/Discount to open a dialog allowing you to edit any or all of these things in a single window
  • Click Edit to open the Item Information window to access other editable fie
  • Or, make changes directly in the item list. You may have to add columns to the list for this option to be available.

3.   Make other entries on the document as necessary and then take payment and save.

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