Requesting Item Lists from Vendors

Requesting Item Lists from Vendors

If you would like to import item files now or in the future, please copy and paste the following into an email or letter you send to your vendors to request the information:

I am emailing you on behalf of (Insert your store name, city, state, and zip here) .We are in the process of implementing a Point of Sale system from Intuit QuickBooks and would like your assistance in creating our item file. The new POS system has the ability to import inventory items from an Excel Spreadsheet. We are hoping you can provide us with a spreadsheet of the items we have purchased from you in the past 12 months.


Within the spreadsheet we would like the following information:

    Vendor Item #

    UPC

    Description

    Cost

    Suggested Retail (if available)

   and any other category or item information that will help make it easier for us to track sales and order product from you, our vendor.


If you are not able to help us, kindly reply and let us know.

Thank you very much for your attention in this matter.

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