Selling Gift Certificates and Applying to Customer Account

Selling Gift Certificates & Redeeming Gift Certificates Using Customer Account


Make a Sale>Click Gift>Gift Certificate>Purchase/Sell Gift Certificate>Enter $ amount of gift certificate being sold>enter Gift Certificate Number>Save. Take payment for the gift certificate as you would for any other sale.


Part 1 of 3 APPLYING AMOUNT OF GIFT CERTIFICATE TO CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNT: Make A Sale>Add customer's name to sale>Click Account>check circle next to Make Payment to Account>Type in Amount of Gift Certificate to be applied to customer's account>Save.

Part 2 of 3: USING GIFT CERTIFICATE PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED TO APPLY PAYMENT TO CUSTOMER ACCOUNT: Still within the same Make A Sale screen, click on Gift>Gift Certificate>check circle next to Redeem Gift Certificate>Type in Amount of Gift Certificate being used>Type in Gift Certificate Number>Save>Save & Print.

Part 3 of 3: IN A SEPARATE TRANSACTION DO ANOTHER MAKE A SALE TO ALLOW CUSTOMER TO PURCHASE ITEMS WITH CUSTOMER ACCOUNT BALANCE: Make A Sale>add items to receipt as usual>When finished with sale, click Account>check circle next to Charge to Account>Enter amount of sale to be charged to account (NOTE: If customer has money available, you will see it appear as a negative amount, such as -100.00. Only charge the amount of the sale OR the amount available in account if the sale is more than available amount. Enter the correct amount>Save.

NOTE PICS BELOW: Amount of sale is $62.52 but customer has $100 available as shown in pic: Balance: -100.00.

A window will pop up. Select "Use Charge Account for this Customer". (You do not need to enter a credit limit here.)>Save & Print.

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