"We LOVE our POS System", 3 Reasons Why

Here is an actual email we received from our customer and friends John and Jennifer Tinelli at Triple R Camping Resort in Franklinville, NY

We love this POS system. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. The last few years it has required several hours, sometimes a few days to narrow down our inventory at the end of the year. We did it in three hours.
  2. We were never able to see trends with regards to WHEN we typically sell certain products in our store.  Now we can decide when to order, and how much to order without making a  guess. This significantly lowered  overhead and saved us probably the  actual cost of the POS.
  3. Family time. We are a small operation. Every Sunday we would do inventory manually, and order what we needed on the phone from our suppliers. Now I can make a list of what I sold, immediately turn it into a PO, email it, and now I spend Sunday afternoons at home with my kids. Put a price on that?

Thanks for all the help.

John Tinelli

Triple R Camping Resort

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