How to Request a Statement Descriptor Update with Lightspeed Payments

A merchant statement / billing descriptor is the information that appears next to a charge from your business on your customers' statements.  Your descriptor should be established by the Lightspeed Payments team to be descriptive and easily recognizable. However, some merchants have reported their descriptor as only showing "Lightspeed" or "LS" on customer's statements. 

So that your customers know who has charged them, ensure that your Statement Descriptor through Lightspeed Payments displays your appropriate, recognizable business name.  This also helps prevent chargebacks should a customer not recognize or recall the charge on their card.


How To Check Your Statement Descriptor

To check your current descriptor, you can:

1. Inquire with the Lightspeed Payments Support team via Email to

2. Perform a small test transaction ($1) on your own card and verify how the descriptor displays on your statement


To Request a Statement Descriptor Update with Lightspeed Payments:

  • Email from an email associated with the approved Lightspeed Payments Account (preferably the principal owner).  

  • Be sure to include the store's Retail Account ID, found by clicking HELP on the bottom left when logged into Retail POS. 

  • State your requested descriptor. Keep in mind, the descriptor must be formatted as "LS-" followed by whatever you like. We suggest your commonly known business name.

  • The character limit on the bank descriptor is 19 characters, including the LS- prefix. You can use letters and numbers.

  • The Payments team may reply requesting additional information to verify your request (such as a utility bill, business license, etc). 

See below for an example email correspondence.


SUBJECT: Statement Descriptor Update Request for My Business Name Here (Account ID 123456)

Hello Payments Team!

I would like to request an update to my merchant bank descriptor as follows: LS-MyBusinessName

The Account ID for My Business Name is 123456.

Thank you,

Business Owner


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