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You asked and iPOS answered! Below you will find help articles and training videos made my iPOS to answer your most common process and procedural questions . You can click the hyperlink to view the video in a new tab or click the video to watch it right on this page. Navigate to your desired video quickly by clicking on the name of the video under the Quick Links Section. 

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Exporting Reports and Manipulating in Excel

Customer Price Levels

Partial Receiving

This requires a custom add-on iPOS had developed. Please let us know if you are interested! 

Multiple Items Charges (by % and $)

Item Charges

Adding an Item Charge % to specific items

Serial Numbers

Adding items with Serial Numbers, Receiving items with Serial Numbers, Selling items with Serial Numbers, viewing items with Serial Numbers, adding Serial Numbered items to a Work Order

Adding a Custom Button (of Selected Items for Choice) to the Sales Screen

Selling a Gift Card

Printer Setting Margin Setting for 8.5"x11" Receipt/Invoice

In Progress $0 Sales Transactions

Receiving Product (Items) without a Purchase Order


These videos are intended for iPOS client's education, training, and support purposes only. 

Individual Point of Sale
(570) 906-8598 Option #3


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