Verosa Recommended Settings for PAXS300 and PAXA35 Configuration

Per Verosa, below are the recommended settings for the PAXS300 and PAXA35 Devices to be used with the Verosa Add-On to processing in QuickBooks Point of Sale (with HMS / TSYS):


Set all devices to AUTO BATCH
NFC Settings:

  • Program accordingly if touchless payments (ApplePay/SamsungPay) are requested

Host Settings:

  • Disable Partial Approvals


  • Communication Type: Ethernet
  • Protocol Type: SSL/TLS


  • Disable Commercial Card Prompts 
  • Disable Order Number Prompts


  • IF USING PIN DEBIT Enable Credit/Prompt


  • Swipe Any Time Disabled

Card Type:

  • For EACH Card type, do the following:
    • Card Present Mode: Always Present
    •   AVS for Swipe: Disabled
    •  AVS for CardPresent: Disabled
    • AVS for CardNotPresent: Disabled
    • CVV: Disabled
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