Revel POS: 2.76 Release Notes (Summarized)

New Features in Version 2.76

Online Ordering

  • Recipes and ingredient tracking are now supported for Online Ordering XT.
  • Online Ordering XT sites will now automatically show items as unavailable when you run out of stock. Point of sale stations will also show out-of-stock status. This means that when a product has a recipe attached, you can set that product to show as unavailable when you run out of an ingredient in the recipe, which will help avoid the placing of orders that cannot be fulfilled.

Point of Sale

  • Revel’s point of sale now offers a complete and intuitive combo building experience. By consolidating screens and providing split combo support, specialty product support, and display and enforcement for all three inventory features, the new experience will increase your speed of service!
  • Revel’s order management system now has new order options for pickup ordering. Pickup ordering is now an easier and more streamlined experience on the point of sale.
  • We’ve made a few updates to declared tips and how they’re processed:
    • Tips waiting for processing will always show up, even if an order is opened by one server and closed by another.
    • If a user is clocked in, the Declared Tips window now shows tips declared for the current shift. If the user is not clocked in (e.g., if your business uses a third-party time-keeping system rather than Revel clock-ins), the Declared Tips window now shows all declared tips from the current day.
    • The tip declaration pop-up has been updated to a faster, simpler design with a confirmation window.


  • Improvements have been made to the Adyen payment processor to better support table service establishments. Improvements include being able to now adjust tips at the end of the day and supporting Offline Mode.
  • Expand your payment options, speed up online checkout, and reduce abandoned carts with Apple Pay. We’ve made Apple Pay available to merchants who use Online Ordering XT with the Adyen payments platform. (So far, Apple Pay is supported only for customers who use the Safari browser.)
  • Moby 5500 is now available for FreedomPay. The Moby 5500 is a more accessible, simple payment terminal for mobile solutions.


  • Enhancements have been added to Paytronix, Punchh, and Como/Loyalty XT to provide a better loyalty experience.
  • Loyalty XT for Online Ordering XT is here! The enhancement:
    • Lets your customers pay with points from their new rewards wallet.
    • Lets you split payments between loyalty and other payment types.
    • Is available to Como Loyalty users.

Management Console

Insights: Analytics, Reports & BI

  • Improvements have been made to Core Reporting XT and Revel Data Connector to ensure excellent data accuracy.
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