How to disable Automate Card Lookup in Revel POS app version 2.75.12

There is a new option named "Automate Card Lookup" in Revel POS version 2.75.12 for customers who are using FreedomPay as their credit card processor (on their iFCC platform) that can cause issues with credit card processing and is enabled by default in the Revel POS 2.75.12 app and is not configurable in your Revel management console.

We highly recommend disabling this new option to prevent any potential issues processing credit cards.

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Revel POS and log into the application.


  1. From the Dashboard, tap Settings.


  1. From Settings, tap Payments in the left hand window pane.


  1. In the main window pane, tap Automate Card Lookup to disable it.


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