Physical Inventory Report

NOTE: This report shows physical inventory reports. If you're using the new stocktake feature, any reports generated from the stocktake functionality appear in the stocktake area.

You can view your Physical Inventory history on the Physical Inventory Report, located under Reports; choose Other Reports, then select Physical Inventory History.

This report shows results for each completed Physical Inventory count cycle. The report summarizes the expected count versus the actual count (variance).

Summary for each Physical Inventory will include:

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Total Quantity Expected
  • Total Quantity Counted
  • Variance in Quantity
  • Total Value Expected
  • Total Value Counted
  • Variance in Value
  • Who Completed the Physical Inventory

If you select the title of the Physical Inventory on the left, you have even more details to view, including a breakout by Category or Class:


Physical Inventory and Actual Inventory in Revel

Once a Physical Inventory count has been finalized, the counted inventory number will be the actual inventory amount listed on the Management Console.

For example, if 10 apples are listed in actual Inventory (in the Management Console), but only 8 apples are counted in Physical Inventory, your actual inventory number will change from 10 to 8 apples. As a result, 2 apples will be marked as Waste or Damaged. On the contrary, if 8 apples are listed in actual inventory, but 10 apples are counted in physical inventory, the actual inventory will be over ridden to 10 apples. As a result, 2 apples will be marked as Received.

Please note that products NOT counted in Physical Inventory will not be modified in actual Inventory in the Management Console.

In the public release of 2.39, Revel pushed all products listed in actual Inventory to be counted for in Physical Inventory. This enhancements provided the option to preselect the Product Classes and/or Product Category/Subcategory that will be counted. As a result, if something is not counted, a prompt will appear with the following options:

  • Don't complete the Physical Inventory until you can find the items that were not counted.
  • Set the count to "0" for all of the products which were not counted.
  • Pause the count to continue the action at a later time.
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