Cash Management Functionality

The Cash Management Report now provides additional security and advanced reporting features. This improved tool is now more than a report, we've included functionality to help manage your back office cash, from safe drops to bank deposits. Let's take a look at this new functionality!

  1. Hover your mouse over Other Reports to open additional reporting options:
  2. Select Cash Office from the list:

Create a Deposit

The Manage Cash Office tab gives you step-by-step directions to manage your safe drops to depositing them in the bank. Let's take a deeper look into this process.

  • Step 1: Confirm Safe Drops. All safe drops that have been done during the day will show as a list:


    We will calculate any variance between the declared and confirmed amount for you!
  • Step 2: Create Safe Counts and select the safe drops you want in the safe count:
  • Step 3: Create Bank Deposit, you will select the Safe Counts to include, and enter the amount of cash you're depositing:
    Note: If you have safe drops not included in the deposit, Revel will automatically calculate any remaining cash as staying in the business. This is an optional function.
  • Step 4: Validate Bank Deposit, and change the status from Held to Sent. Validate the deposit when you receive notice from the bank that the cash was deposited:


The Cash Office reports provide you with three different reports to provide you information on your drops, counts, and deposits.

  • Safe Drop Report:
    Check all safe drops within the time frame you choose. Just click on the date field and select the date you want. Use Filters to filter your report by Status, Point of Sale Station, Dropped By, and Confirmed By:
  • Safe Count Report
    This report will show all safe counts within a time frame and can be sorted by Status or Confirmed By. Just click the date range to change the date, and Filters to apply:
  • Bank Deposit Report
    Keep track of your bank deposits within this report. Sort by date by clicking the date range, and filter by Status and Deposited By when clicking the Filter button:
    Note: All reports can be printed by clicking the  button at the upper right-hand corner of the report. Select CSV or Excel, or print directly to a printer.
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